Clean Your Pool Using Ultraviolet Technology

Whether you want to admit it or not, your pool can be a dirty place. It can turn into a breeding ground for algae and bacteria, which is why proper pool maintenance is so important.

Chlorine is the most common chemical used to keep pools clean, but chlorine can irritate swimmers’ eyes, skin, and hair. So how can you maintain good pool chemistry while making the swimming experience better for friends and family? Consider cleaning your pool with an Ultraviolet (UV unit).

Ultraviolet light has been used to disinfect drinking water for decades, but the technology is now making a splash on the pool industry. These UV units, like the Delta UV unit we recommend at Professional Pool Services, harness the power of UV light in order to kill algae and bacteria and balance your pool’s chemistry. In fact, the UV light actually changes the DNA of microorganisms in order to remove them.

By doing this, the UV system also reduces the amount of chlorine you need to use in your pool by 70-85%. And since the process is quick and easy and doesn’t harm people or animals that may come in contact with the pool, it’s clear why more and more pool owners are looking to this option.

The only thing you will have to do to maintain your UV unit will be to replace the UV bulb each year. Find out more about UV units from the Delta website.

If you’re thinking about installing a Delta UV system to your swimming pool, give us at call at 412-741-4774.