Buy Your Pool its Own “Watchdog”

You keep a close eye on your belongings – and now you can keep a better eye on your pool than ever before.

The Pool Watchdog Swimming Pool Safety Cam helps you easily keep watch on your pool when you’re not home. The wireless camera works with your internet router to give you a picture in full-color, with night vision and motion detection included. Installation takes just minutes.

For busy parents, the Pool Watchdog is a great tool for keeping kids safe. You can come and go from the pool area while never letting children or other swimmers go unwatched. If someone trips the motion detection on the camera while you are away from home, you can set the system to give you text or email alerts.

There is a Watchdog app available for both Android and iOS operating systems, which you can use to view a live stream of your pool while you’re on the go. You can also stream footage to a computer or television screen.

This product is great for winter, as it can show you if any debris has landed on your pool cover while you are away fro the holidays. Plus, it’s weatherproof, so no matter what the weather, your Watchdog will keep an eye out for you.

For more information on pricing and getting a Pool Watchdog camera of your own, call Professional Pool Services at 412-741-4774 or send an email to