Make Chlorination Simple with a Salt Generator

Not using a salt generator for your pool? Save yourself the trouble of buying, hauling, storing and adding chorine to your swimming pool.

Salt generators use a small amount of regular salt and the process of electrolysis to create chlorine for your pool. A fantastic benefit of salt generators are that they make your pool water become softer, which is easier on eyes and skin for swimmers. There is no more “shocking” water with granular chlorine. Plus, this chlorine can be used over and over again.

It is still important to maintain your pool when using a salt generator, and making sure that the proper amount of chlorination is taking place. PH levels will also rise as chlorine is added to the water, and it is important to keep a healthy level.

If you have questions about salt generators or would like to purchase one for your pool, stop by Professional Pool Services and we’ll be happy to help!