4 Winter Care and Maintenance Tips for your Mesh Swimming Pool Cover

Mesh pool covers are perfect for covering and protecting your pool during those cold winter months. With the winter season upon us, here are some things to keep your eye on to ensure that your mesh pool cover and pool are properly cared for while we wait for summer to return!

1. Tightness
Your mesh cover should remain tightly stretched across the pool. The tightness should resemble a trampoline. At first installation, the springs are compressed at 90%. Over time, the tension will decrease and lead to more sagging. If you notice that your cover is indeed sagging, this can be remedied by tightening the springs. A description of this process should be found in the instructions included with the cover at installation.

2. Water Level
During the winter months, the water level of the pool should not be more than 18 inches below the top of the pool. This is important for supporting the weight of snow on your mesh pool cover. Allowing the water level to drop below 18 inches may put excessive stress on the cover.

3. Cover Strength
As you may have seen in advertisements, mesh safety covers are proven strong enough to hold large amounts of weight, and are designed to support the weight of a child or adult in an emergency. However, the manufacturer does not recommend walking on it or deliberately placing large amounts of weight on it. The weight of snow on your mesh pool cover will not be an issue, but don’t put more strain on the pool cover than necessary!

4. Chemical Treatment
If you take proper care of you pool and mesh pool cover during the winter, you should be ready to go for reopening your pool easily in the spring. Approximately one month before opening your pool in the spring, chlorine and algaecide should be added to the water. This will keep your pool water clear, clean and safe.

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Closing Up Your Inground Pool for Winter

So before sunny days make way for snowy ones, you need to close up your inground pool for the fall and winter. Here are the steps you need to take to get the job done right.

  1. Don’t leave anything in the pool! Be sure that is it properly cleaned, which includes removing any toys and accessories. Then, be sure to skim and vacuum the pool to be sure that you didn’t miss anything.
  2. Be sure to balance your pool before you close it up for the season. This means adjusting your PH levels, alkalinity, and calcium hardness. Your next step will be shocking your pool with chlorine. Once your pool’s chlorine level gets back to 1 to 3 parts per million, you can add an algaecide made to work over a long period of time to clear the pool of algae and prevent it from forming throughout the winter.
  3. You’ll need to remove some water to prevent freezing mishaps throughout the winter. Depending on the cover you will use, how much you need to reduce your water level, ranging from 3 to 18 inches below the skimmer. Be sure to drain your pumps, filters, heaters, etc, by opening their drains and give them a good cleaning. Don’t forget to empty out the water line running to your pool, also, as well as add an antifreeze.
  4. Once you’ve found the right cover for your inground pool from Professional Pool Services, you’re ready to cover your pool for the cold days ahead.

Don’t worry. Summer will be back before you know it!