Buy Your Pool its Own “Watchdog”

You keep a close eye on your belongings – and now you can keep a better eye on your pool than ever before.

The Pool Watchdog Swimming Pool Safety Cam helps you easily keep watch on your pool when you’re not home. The wireless camera works with your internet router to give you a picture in full-color, with night vision and motion detection included. Installation takes just minutes.

For busy parents, the Pool Watchdog is a great tool for keeping kids safe. You can come and go from the pool area while never letting children or other swimmers go unwatched. If someone trips the motion detection on the camera while you are away from home, you can set the system to give you text or email alerts.

There is a Watchdog app available for both Android and iOS operating systems, which you can use to view a live stream of your pool while you’re on the go. You can also stream footage to a computer or television screen.

This product is great for winter, as it can show you if any debris has landed on your pool cover while you are away fro the holidays. Plus, it’s weatherproof, so no matter what the weather, your Watchdog will keep an eye out for you.

For more information on pricing and getting a Pool Watchdog camera of your own, call Professional Pool Services at 412-741-4774 or send an email to


Closing Up Your Inground Pool for Winter

So before sunny days make way for snowy ones, you need to close up your inground pool for the fall and winter. Here are the steps you need to take to get the job done right.

  1. Don’t leave anything in the pool! Be sure that is it properly cleaned, which includes removing any toys and accessories. Then, be sure to skim and vacuum the pool to be sure that you didn’t miss anything.
  2. Be sure to balance your pool before you close it up for the season. This means adjusting your PH levels, alkalinity, and calcium hardness. Your next step will be shocking your pool with chlorine. Once your pool’s chlorine level gets back to 1 to 3 parts per million, you can add an algaecide made to work over a long period of time to clear the pool of algae and prevent it from forming throughout the winter.
  3. You’ll need to remove some water to prevent freezing mishaps throughout the winter. Depending on the cover you will use, how much you need to reduce your water level, ranging from 3 to 18 inches below the skimmer. Be sure to drain your pumps, filters, heaters, etc, by opening their drains and give them a good cleaning. Don’t forget to empty out the water line running to your pool, also, as well as add an antifreeze.
  4. Once you’ve found the right cover for your inground pool from Professional Pool Services, you’re ready to cover your pool for the cold days ahead.

Don’t worry. Summer will be back before you know it!

Make Chlorination Simple with a Salt Generator

Not using a salt generator for your pool? Save yourself the trouble of buying, hauling, storing and adding chorine to your swimming pool.

Salt generators use a small amount of regular salt and the process of electrolysis to create chlorine for your pool. A fantastic benefit of salt generators are that they make your pool water become softer, which is easier on eyes and skin for swimmers. There is no more “shocking” water with granular chlorine. Plus, this chlorine can be used over and over again.

It is still important to maintain your pool when using a salt generator, and making sure that the proper amount of chlorination is taking place. PH levels will also rise as chlorine is added to the water, and it is important to keep a healthy level.

If you have questions about salt generators or would like to purchase one for your pool, stop by Professional Pool Services and we’ll be happy to help!