Fall Pool Maintenance

fall-pool-maintenanceIt is never too early to start thinking about protecting your pool for the fall season. As the leaves change and fall, there’s more to think about than just raking your yard, you need to protect your swimming pool, too! These are the tips that will make sure your pool is in tiptop shape as temperatures drop and snow begins to fall!

  1. As obvious as it may sound, some pool owners neglect to do it – make sure you skim the pool for debris and clean out the strainer baskets. Make sure you get the debris from the pool early before it sinks to the bottom. Emptying your skimmer box and pump basket should be a regular task as more and more leaves begin to fall.
  2. Vacuuming the bottom of the pool and brushing the walls and tiles can help maintain a pristine pool throughout the fall and winter. Another tip when it comes to vacuuming, you want to make sure your vacuuming strokes overlap to get all of the debris on the bottom much like when you mow your lawn.
  3. Make sure your pool stays as clean as possible as the weather get colder by keeping your swimming pool filter free of debris. Checking the filter regularly will help you avoid any leafy, autumn clogs.
  4. Swimming pool heaters should be checked as well. Consider consulting Professional Pool Services to service it and make sure it is working properly. Calcium scales can build up and can make the heater less effective over time. Be sure to review your pool heater manual for maintenance guidelines. As the temperatures drop this fall, don’t be left out in the cold, now is the perfect time to make sure your pool heater is up to the challenge.
  5. The fall is no different than the dog days of summer. You want to make sure that your pool maintains a healthy water level. Naturally, water evaporates but if it is too low, your pump could be damaged. This is one easily prevented issue which if neglected could be a costly pool maintenance mistake.
  6. Be proactive and fix and repair any leaks in and around your pool. Correcting this will ensure that your water level remains at a consistent level and your swimming pool pump does not get damaged.
  7. Continue to monitor your water chemistry levels carefully. It’s important to maintain your chlorine and pH levels to enzyme treatments and phosphates year round. If you are unsure of proper levels for the fall, contact one of our friendly pool maintenance experts.
  8. Inspect your pool cover. Have you inspected your winter pool cover recently? Educate yourself on winter pool covers and shop for the right cover for your pool if you need a new one this fall! We’re just a phone call a way to discuss your options – 412-741-4774

If you have any questions related to your fall pool maintenance needs, please contact us to discuss your pool today!