Don’t Save Pool Repair for Next Summer

While you may be thinking it’s time to close up the pool for the season and leave any repairs and maintenance tasks for next summer, you may want to think twice. It is actually more beneficial for you to take care of some of this in the fall than waiting for the long winter to pass.

If you’re concerned about a leak in your pool, the last thing you need to allow to happen is for the water to leak out during the winter months. As the water level in your pool drops and heavy snow settles on your cover, it can lead to tears in your cover or its straps. In the end, it will be more costly for you to have to deal with the problem later!

Another important thing to consider is that this is a great time to repaint your pool. The ground is still holding heat, which means that the paint will cure nicely on the surface of the pool.

As you get ready to make those last minute repairs to your pool, remember that we have everything you need to get prepared for colder days. Call us at (412)741-4774 to have leaks repaired, for a new paint job, or to pick out just the right cover for your inground pool. End this summer with a little bit of maintenance work so that you can start next summer with a splash.