Practice Pool Safety & Enjoy Your Pool

Staying Safe In Your PoolWe all know how import staying safe while enjoying our pool is, but sometimes its good to take a few minutes to get a quick refresher and ensure your family is practicing good pool safety habits. National Water Safety Month is celebrated each year in the month of May, but water safety is important year round! As you enjoy the swimming season this summer, please take the time to read these few simple tips about water safety.

Installing safety layers in and around your swimming pool could save a life. Some examples of these layers of protections are:

Pool Safety Covers
A safety pool cover is often a very effective barrier when your pool is unoccupied. The safety covers prevent accidental drowning and protection for your family, friends, neighbors and pets!

Pool Stairs
Sturdy pool stairs offer handrails for safety in any circumstance. They also allow people to easily and quickly enter and exit the swimming pool.

Pool Fences
A closeable, non-climbable fence can prevent an unsupervised child from accessing the swimming pool.

Pool Lighting
Lighting is also an important safety measure. If guests are swimming at night, pool lighting can activate and shine under the water to highlight access points in case of emergencies.

Pool Floats
Pool floats aren’t just for relaxing! They can also be used in swimming emergencies. The buoyant floats can provide safety for anyone that is having trouble staying above water. Proper life preservers should always be on hand, but in a quick emergency, a pool float can help if the rescue equipment is not accessible.

These are only a few simple safety layers you should consider when opening up your swimming pool. In addition to physical barriers like fences and covers, good swimming skills and training will further ensure the safety of your pool.

  • Children or grandchildren should all know how to swim. The YMCA and other local facilities provide swimming lessons for all ages.
  • Establishing and posting pool rules such as no swimming alone, no running, no shallow diving and absolutely no dunking should be followed. · Supervision is required. Children should never be left unattended in or near the water. An adult should always be present when the swimming pool is in use.
  • Water safety skills should be taught to both children and adults. A couple minute review of the pool rules with your children could be all that it takes to save a life. Understanding the basic life-saving procedures such as CPR could save a life someday.

No matter what month it is, water safety is important. The invest in knowledge and safety barriers will help to keep both adults and children safe during this pool season.