Your Concrete Inground Pool Deck Options

A perfectly built inground swimming pool with clean, clear water is nice… but it’s not the whole package. A beautiful and functional concrete deck can put the finishing touches on your at-home oasis.

The cost to install a regular concrete pool deck depends on how large you want the deck to be, but it generally costs from $6 to $10 per square foot. You can do a very rough estimate on HomeWyse, but be sure to call us for a more exact estimate.

Two things to keep in mind when deciding how to design or treat your inground swimming pool deck are that it needs to be slip resistant, as well as resistant to the elements, which includes mold. Element protection can come from sealants and special coatings, which are waterproof and prevent cracking, while slip resistance comes from a textured surface.

At Professional Pool Services, we have a variety of pool deck offerings that we recommend to our customers, with a variety of styles to fit their needs as well as their design tastes.


The Rubber Depot – Rubber Pool Deck Surfacing

Add some color and style to your deck with ethylene propylene diene monomer, a synthetic rubber that can be applied on top of your concrete deck for a perfect slip-proof surface. A polyurethane binder is added on top to lock our moisture, preventing mold and mildew.

You can choose a variety of colors for your deck, including terra cotta, purple, cork, emerald green, and chocolate! And it’s easy to do it yourself, with the starter kit on sale for under $90.00. You can also cover patios, porches, garages, steps, and walkways with this rubber surfacing! Check out The Rubber Depot FAQ page for more information, and be sure to give us a call if you have any additional questions.


Multicoat Product Systems Solutions

Multicoat Product Systems offers a variety of waterproofing solutions for inground pool owners, including their Above Grade Waterproofing System, which combines, “Mulasticoat® waterproofing membrane, metal lathe, and Krete Kote cementitous coating to provide concrete waterproofing, deck waterproofing, balcony waterproofing and wood waterproofing.”

This coating includes an anti-skid surface, resistance to both fire and freezing, and withstands high impact.

You want your pool area to be attractive while still safe and comfortable for friends and family. Give us a call at (412) 741-4774 today to discuss your concrete pool deck options.

Clean Your Pool Using Ultraviolet Technology

Whether you want to admit it or not, your pool can be a dirty place. It can turn into a breeding ground for algae and bacteria, which is why proper pool maintenance is so important.

Chlorine is the most common chemical used to keep pools clean, but chlorine can irritate swimmers’ eyes, skin, and hair. So how can you maintain good pool chemistry while making the swimming experience better for friends and family? Consider cleaning your pool with an Ultraviolet (UV unit).

Ultraviolet light has been used to disinfect drinking water for decades, but the technology is now making a splash on the pool industry. These UV units, like the Delta UV unit we recommend at Professional Pool Services, harness the power of UV light in order to kill algae and bacteria and balance your pool’s chemistry. In fact, the UV light actually changes the DNA of microorganisms in order to remove them.

By doing this, the UV system also reduces the amount of chlorine you need to use in your pool by 70-85%. And since the process is quick and easy and doesn’t harm people or animals that may come in contact with the pool, it’s clear why more and more pool owners are looking to this option.

The only thing you will have to do to maintain your UV unit will be to replace the UV bulb each year. Find out more about UV units from the Delta website.

If you’re thinking about installing a Delta UV system to your swimming pool, give us at call at 412-741-4774.