Fall Pool Maintenance

fall-pool-maintenanceIt is never too early to start thinking about protecting your pool for the fall season. As the leaves change and fall, there’s more to think about than just raking your yard, you need to protect your swimming pool, too! These are the tips that will make sure your pool is in tiptop shape as temperatures drop and snow begins to fall!

  1. As obvious as it may sound, some pool owners neglect to do it – make sure you skim the pool for debris and clean out the strainer baskets. Make sure you get the debris from the pool early before it sinks to the bottom. Emptying your skimmer box and pump basket should be a regular task as more and more leaves begin to fall.
  2. Vacuuming the bottom of the pool and brushing the walls and tiles can help maintain a pristine pool throughout the fall and winter. Another tip when it comes to vacuuming, you want to make sure your vacuuming strokes overlap to get all of the debris on the bottom much like when you mow your lawn.
  3. Make sure your pool stays as clean as possible as the weather get colder by keeping your swimming pool filter free of debris. Checking the filter regularly will help you avoid any leafy, autumn clogs.
  4. Swimming pool heaters should be checked as well. Consider consulting Professional Pool Services to service it and make sure it is working properly. Calcium scales can build up and can make the heater less effective over time. Be sure to review your pool heater manual for maintenance guidelines. As the temperatures drop this fall, don’t be left out in the cold, now is the perfect time to make sure your pool heater is up to the challenge.
  5. The fall is no different than the dog days of summer. You want to make sure that your pool maintains a healthy water level. Naturally, water evaporates but if it is too low, your pump could be damaged. This is one easily prevented issue which if neglected could be a costly pool maintenance mistake.
  6. Be proactive and fix and repair any leaks in and around your pool. Correcting this will ensure that your water level remains at a consistent level and your swimming pool pump does not get damaged.
  7. Continue to monitor your water chemistry levels carefully. It’s important to maintain your chlorine and pH levels to enzyme treatments and phosphates year round. If you are unsure of proper levels for the fall, contact one of our friendly pool maintenance experts.
  8. Inspect your pool cover. Have you inspected your winter pool cover recently? Educate yourself on winter pool covers and shop for the right cover for your pool if you need a new one this fall! We’re just a phone call a way to discuss your options – 412-741-4774

If you have any questions related to your fall pool maintenance needs, please contact us to discuss your pool today!

Top 5 Swimming Pool Games

Swimming pool gamesWhat better way to pass the dog days of summer by than playing  swimming pool games? The temperatures are rising and the sun is glaring at us. Its time to take a dip in the pool, enjoy the summer and cool yourself off.

Here is a list of the top 5 swimming pool games of all time which you can enjoy with your kids:

1.  Dolphin Race:

It’s one of the classic swimming pool games and it makes it to the top of the list. This is another one of the classic swimming pool games which doesn’t require any additional toys.

  • The objective of this game is very simple, to see who can swim the farthest without breathing. On the count of 3, kick off from the wall and try to swim as far as possible.
  • The person who swims farthest without taking a breath is the winner.
  • As always, you should ensure that there is adult supervision when kids are playing in this pool. Holding your breath for long can lead to drowning and even cause “Loss of consciousness”. This is one of those swimming pool games that simply requires an imagination.

2.  Human Whirlpool:

This game works great even if you have a large crowd. Whirlpool can be created in a pool manually. This game has an added benefit for your pool as well. Stagnant water can cause tiling problems that may require resurfacing.

  • Begin by collecting everyone in shallow area of the pool. Get as many people as possible.
  • Now gather in a circle, and have everyone start walking in the same direction around in a circle. Slowly start walking faster. Initially, it would be difficult to walk in the pool due to the resistance of water. After 30 seconds, the coordinated movement of so many people will create a whirlpool in the water.  Once the whirlpool has gained momentum, lift your feet and start floating in water.
  • If  the whirlpool starts to loose its momentum, start running again in the same direction to create another whirlpool.
  • If there are kids involved, make sure they are strong swimmers and tall enough that water is at chest height while standing.
  • Keep doing this continuously to create stronger whirlpools and have the time of your life.

3. Diving for Treasure :

This is a fantastic game for kids.

  • Just throw non-floating object in the pool. Let the kids race to locate the object and pick it up.
  • The one who locates and pick it up first is the winner.
  • To make this game more interesting drop coins or non-floating objects in various spots in the pool.
  • Ask the kids to locate it and pick it up. The one who does it first is the winner.

4. Cannon Ball Contest:

Of all of the swimming pool games,  the “Cannon Ball” is hands down the one to make the biggest splash with your kids. The question is “Can you cannon ball“?

  • To perform a perfect cannon ball, you have to dive from a diving board or the side of the pool and clutch both the knees on to the chest forming the shape of the cannon ball. Cannon balling is the exact opposite of diving. Professional divers will tell you that you should strive to land in the pool without creating any noise, but, in cannon ball, the goal is to create the biggest splash possible.
  • In a cannon ball contest two or more competitors try to impress the judges with their cannon balling skills.
  • There are no specific rules to this. The only rule is to enjoy the sport and have the time of your life.
  • To add some competition, you can create some contests to see who can splash the water the furthest into the air or the most amount of water to land outside of the swimming pool.

5.Belly Flop Contest:

A perfect companion for a Cannon Ball contest.

  • To execute a perfect Belly Flop, you should dive from a diving board; fully extend both arms and legs and try to produce the loudest and most painful smack while entering the water.
  • Judges can set craziest criteria for best Belly flop; like; Loudest Smack, Reddest Belly, Stylish Flop etc.
  • After this Belly flop, be ready to have a red belly for sometime.

Summer time seems to fly by every year. Within no time our children grow up, but the time spent in the swimming pool can be some of the best memories which can be made. Give them a moment they will treasure for life. For all of you pool design and maintenance needs, contact the pros at Pool Builders Inc!

Maintaining Your Pool Water Level

Maintaining a proper pool water level is an important part of pool maintenance. The level at which the swimming pool skimmers operate best is between one third and one half the way up the opening of the pool skimmer.

As the level of water in your pool increases,  the water moving into the skimmer is going to slow down, and that may result in debris passing by the opening without being pulled in. If the pool water is so high that it covers the skimmer opening, floating debris can’t get in.

If the water is too low the skimmer can bottom out, thereby sucking air into the system which can result in losing the prime and possibly result in burning up your swim pool filter pump motor. A situation which no home pool owner wants to have happen.

Adding water before backwashing and vacuuming the pool because this will also lower the water level.

If you have any questions related to proper pool water level or any other pool maintenance, please give our professionals at Pool Builders Inc, a call today at 412-741-4774

Practice Pool Safety & Enjoy Your Pool

Staying Safe In Your PoolWe all know how import staying safe while enjoying our pool is, but sometimes its good to take a few minutes to get a quick refresher and ensure your family is practicing good pool safety habits. National Water Safety Month is celebrated each year in the month of May, but water safety is important year round! As you enjoy the swimming season this summer, please take the time to read these few simple tips about water safety.

Installing safety layers in and around your swimming pool could save a life. Some examples of these layers of protections are:

Pool Safety Covers
A safety pool cover is often a very effective barrier when your pool is unoccupied. The safety covers prevent accidental drowning and protection for your family, friends, neighbors and pets!

Pool Stairs
Sturdy pool stairs offer handrails for safety in any circumstance. They also allow people to easily and quickly enter and exit the swimming pool.

Pool Fences
A closeable, non-climbable fence can prevent an unsupervised child from accessing the swimming pool.

Pool Lighting
Lighting is also an important safety measure. If guests are swimming at night, pool lighting can activate and shine under the water to highlight access points in case of emergencies.

Pool Floats
Pool floats aren’t just for relaxing! They can also be used in swimming emergencies. The buoyant floats can provide safety for anyone that is having trouble staying above water. Proper life preservers should always be on hand, but in a quick emergency, a pool float can help if the rescue equipment is not accessible.

These are only a few simple safety layers you should consider when opening up your swimming pool. In addition to physical barriers like fences and covers, good swimming skills and training will further ensure the safety of your pool.

  • Children or grandchildren should all know how to swim. The YMCA and other local facilities provide swimming lessons for all ages.
  • Establishing and posting pool rules such as no swimming alone, no running, no shallow diving and absolutely no dunking should be followed. · Supervision is required. Children should never be left unattended in or near the water. An adult should always be present when the swimming pool is in use.
  • Water safety skills should be taught to both children and adults. A couple minute review of the pool rules with your children could be all that it takes to save a life. Understanding the basic life-saving procedures such as CPR could save a life someday.

No matter what month it is, water safety is important. The invest in knowledge and safety barriers will help to keep both adults and children safe during this pool season.

Cloudy Pool Water? These Might Be the Causes

A dip in the pool on a hot day is just what the doctor ordered for summer. But if you go to jump in and find cloudy, green water… you’re probably going to seek a second opinion! There are a lot of reasons that your pool may get cloudy, but there are a few things that you can check before you seek help from a professional, like the professionals here at Pool Builders, Inc.!

Sanitary Levels

The first thing that you should do is make sure that your pool is properly balanced. Does the pool have the right amount of chlorine in it? The water may need to be shocked to get it back to where it belongs. And don’t forget that you should also check the calcium hardness, alkalinity, and ph levels of your inground swimming pool. If these things are out of whack even a little bit, it could have an effect on how clear your water is.

An Equipment Malfunction

But it might not be the chemicals that are messing up your plans for a crystal clear pool. It may be because of faulty equipment. Make sure that everything in your pool’s system is functioning correctly, including your pool filter and pump. It’s important to the health of your pool that the water is circulated easily. Make sure that no part of your pool system is clogged with stray leaves or other debris, either.

Your Pool Filter Needs to Be Cleaned

Check the pressure level on your pool’s filter gauge. If it is increased by 10 psi (pounds per square inch), it’s time for your filter to be cleaned out!

Too Many People in the Pool

Though it’s common sense, we often don’t realize that the more people we have in the pool, the more “stuff” our pool will have in it. This “stuff” includes dead skin, sunscreen, sweat, dirt, and other foreign objects that can put pressure on your pool’s filter, pump, and other parts. All of that added pressure may mean that your pool won’t look as clean as it normally does.

Rainwater Runoff

Pool guests aren’t the only things that bring unwanted materials into your pool. Inground pools run the risk of having rainwater drag dirt and debris into your pool, also. That is why it is important to cover your pool when it is not in use.

Once you discover what the issue is, you can get started with correcting it so you can get back to your clean pool. You may need to use a water clarifier, which helps to coagulate tiny debris in your pool, making them large enough for your filter to pick up.

If you can’t seem to solve your cloudy water problem, give us a call at (412) 741-4774.